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Things you need to Know about TitanFall Assault

“Titanfall: Assault is a real-time strategy video game in the Titanfall series for mobile platforms in the style of Clash Royale. It was developed by Particle City and Respawn, published by Nexon, and released for iOS and Android in August 2017. “

  • Features of the TitanFall Assault game:

    • Deploy your Pilots and Titans in fast-paced, fluid battles
    • Fight head-to-head in dynamic Real-Time Strategy warfare
    • Conquer the enemy with a powerful deck of Pilots, Titans, and Burn Cards
    • Deploy your forces on multiple maps that extend the Titanfall universe
    • Create or join Guilds to play with friends

Titanfall Assault Hack - How to Hack Free Tokens Android & iOS


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TitanFall Assault Best Tips and Tricks

Titanfall: Assault is considered by many a Clash Royale clone, but I personally think that apart from the fact that they share similar concepts, there’s nothing else connecting the two. So Titanfall: Assault is a completely unique and fun to play game which I am sure is here to stay.

And we’re here to help, so let’s not waste a single second and let’s check out some Titanfall: Assault tips and tricks below!

Rush to the control points
My winning strategy so far is to go to two control points at the same time. I saw that, for whatever reason, opponents tend to rush to control point A, which is the furthest from them. Here’s how I do it with great success:

I send one unit – a strong one that can take some damage – to control point A, then wait for a bit. Usually, the opponent sends a troop there as well. I quickly send a weak unit to point B (like the Grenadier), then another unit as backup at point A.

This means that I will end up, in most occasions, with a huge advantage: 2 control points early on, and my two troops will overpower and defeat the opponent’s troop sent to point A. They usually go for C afterwards and we don’t really care about that at the moment.

Keep the control points yours
Destroying the enemy’s base is extremely difficult at the moment and takes a ton of time. You can easily get crushed by your opponent’s dominance of the control points while you try to take down their base.

Therefore, at least for now, focusing on the control points is the key to victory and the easiest way to achieve it. So after rushing and capturing the first two CPs early on, do your best to keep them under your control.

Work on that one at a time and always wait for your opponent to make the move – then deploy the right troop/card to counter theirs.

Leaving guards at control points is also a good idea: a turret and a bunch of Grunts will usually do and give you time to put pressure in other areas and keep them busy fending off your attacks… too busy to try to get those control points!

Know your cards
It’s extremely important to know what each of the card does and especially which are their strengths and weaknesses. Some are better against groups of units, some against pilots, some against Titans… make sure that you always deploy the correct card for the job and you always know what all your deck’s cards do.

Keep the supply costs low
There’s no point in having an amazing deck with top cards if you can’t play them. High supply cost cards are really powerful indeed, but any strong unit can be easily overpowered by spamming a bunch of cheap cost cards.

Therefore, it would be a great idea to keep your deck balanced and supply costs under control. Keeping them somewhere around 3 – 3.5 seems to work best in terms of costs. Make sure to keep card types varied as well!

Join an active guild
Being part of an active guild is a must if you want to collect even cards and get more options when it comes to building that perfect deck.

Right now, there are just the guild challenges that you can complete in order to grab the reward – and they’re not too easy – but hopefully in the near future, the guilds will become even more useful. Even as they are today, they still prove useful, so make sure to move to a new guild if its members are not extremely active.

Upgrade just the cards that you use
Upgrading cards is extremely expensive in the long run and trying to keep all of them at the maximum possible level makes no sense. So wait a bit before starting to upgrade – and when you do, make sure you upgrade cards you’re using.

You can try out new cards in the Practice modes before deciding if they’re worth investing in or not. Remember: different cards will be considered great by different people and this is mainly based on their style of play. Find yours and upgrade them only!

Titans are not better than regular units
Titans are indeed great and they have high health, but I found out that they’re not as useful as the regular (and cheaper units). At least this strategy works best for me now.

However, if you manage to get an Epic Titan that costs less than 4, then you should definitely add it to your squad: a cheap Titan will always give your enemy headaches – and a ton more strategic options to yourself!

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