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Beat Fever Gold and Gems Cheats online

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Things you need to Know about Beat Fever:Music Tap Rhythm Game

“Beat Fever is an easy to learn, hard to master music game where you tap to the beat of the song, complete incredible challenges, collect music monsters and much more. “

  • Features of the Beat Fever game:

    When you enter Beat Fever, you enter another world where you can:
    ✔ Tap to the top hits with both short and long versions of every song
    ✔ Challenge yourself with multiple difficulties from Easy to Extreme
    ✔ Create and personalize your character, choosing everything from your hairstyle to the shape of your nose
    ✔ Explore virtual worlds where music is king!
    ✔ Save music and mankind as you join the Beat Fever rebellion and master songs to defeat the evil Collective!
    ✔ Show off your skills with LIVE real-time Player vs Player mode
    ✔ Gain bragging rights as you rocket to the top of our global leaderboard
    ✔ Chat and connect with other music fans from around the world
    ✔ Play alone, compete against others or join a crew and take on other crews
    ✔ Collect Music Monsters on your way to domination

Beat Fever - A Tap Music Game Hack Unlimited Money Generator


Beat Fever Gold and Gems Generator Online Hack tool

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Online  Beat Fever Resources Generator

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Beat Fever Best Tips and Tricks

If you were skilled in this game you’ll do fine here! Even if you’re not, that’s why we’re here with our Beat Fever cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Beat Fever Tip #1: LEVELING UP.

Every Artist seeks to be a master of their craft. To improve in the game, you need to earn Experience Points (XP) by completing goals and playing songs. Once you have enough XP, you level-up. Each new level brings with it different rewards and can include anything from refilling energy to increasing inventory, unlocking new features or accessing more songs.

Beat Fever Tip #2: GOALS.

Goals are special objectives you can complete to earn XP and other rewards. Usually they involve playing a song while earning a specified amount of points, combos, etc. But the exact details and rewards vary from goal to goal.

Beat Fever Tip #3: PLAYING SONGS.

Playing music is the cornerstone of Beat Fever and the world is filled with new songs to unlock and master. To play a song, simply find its album cover floating in the world and tap it. Then select the difficulty and press play. You must beat a song on one difficulty to unlock the next. So beat a song on Easy to unlock Normal, Normal to unlock Hard and Hard to unlock Expert. Different difficulties offer their own selection of rewards.

You’ll play the song using your band of four Rockstars, which appear as buttons at the bottom of the screen. When the song starts, notes will descend from the top of the screen toward the buttons at the bottom. You must hit the button as the note intersects it to score points based on the Rockstar’s stats.

In addition to basic note taps, there are notes which require you to quickly swipe your finger in a certain direction. These are distinguished by little arrows pointing in the direction you need to swipe. There are also notes with long trails attached. To get maximum points, you must tap the note and hold down on the screen until the trail ends. Some trails also zig-zag to different buttons or lanes, you must follow these with your finger held down on the screen. Lastly, there are notes with prizes on them. Tap the note to collect the reward upon successful completion of the song.

Every time you tap a note, it’s called a hit. Each of these hits is rated as Bad, Good, Great or Perfect, depending on how much the note was overlapping the button when you tapped.

The baseline is Great. You’ll receive your Rockstar’s stat in points for each Great hit. For Good hits, you earn 50% of the stat and for Perfect hits, you get 150%.

Bad ratings earn no points and will cost you 1 stamina. Similarly, missing a note altogether gets you no points and will cost you 2 stamina. When you run out of stamina, you fail the song and either have to start over or recover yourself using gems. Once you recover, your stamina is refilled and the song picks up from where you left off.

Over time, you’ll also fill your boost meter. Once it’s full, a large button near the top of the screen will light up. Press the button to earn 2x the points on note hits until the boost charge runs out.

When you finish a song, you earn accolades based on three areas: Score, Combos and Wins. Try to earn every accolade on every song to max your rewards.

Earning accolades also helps you unlock new songs to play.

Beat Fever Tip #4: SONG ACCOLADES.

There are three kinds of Song Accolades: Score, Combos and Wins. Each one has a three-star rating system. The more stars you earn for a specific accolade, the more rewards you win.

Wins is the simplest. It’s a log of the total number of times you completed a song. Combos tracks how long you can string hits together without any Bads or Misses. If an accolade requires a combo of 100, it means you must successfully hit 100 notes in sequence without interruption.

Score is determined simply by points earned, which is affected by how well you time your note hits, how often you use your boost and by the stats and abilities of your Rockstars.

Accolade stars are tallied for each song and each difficulty (so you can earn three stars in each accolade for all four difficulties of a single song). The total number of stars you’ve earned across all songs is also counted and can be seen at the top of the screen.


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